MISUMI Presents 33rd ROBO-ONE

Date: September 23 2018

The tournament was over.

Location: Kanagawa Prefecture Youth Center/ Watching free

The Biped Robotics Association hold a bipedal walking robot fighting games aiming at improving robot technology and spreading bipedal walking robots.
This fiscal year, we received special cooperation from MISUMI Group head office that supports manufacturing, will hold MISUMI presents 33rd ROBO-ONE,MISUMI presents 4th ROBO-ONE auto and MISUMI presents 17th ROBO-ONE Light at the Kanagawa Prefecture Youth Center.


Winning prize : 500,000 yen
Second prize : 300,000 yen
Third place : 200,000 yen
Fourth place 100,000 yen

Technical Award / Design Award : Each prize of 100,000 yen
MISUMI Prize: 100,000 yen and MISUMI item 50,000 yen


Champion Speranza / Tateno
Runner-up HardLucks / Osaka Electro-Communication University JiyuKoubou HRP
Third-place Nazca / Chiba institute of technology Cultural association Society for overall engineering studies
Fourth-place Chrome-kid / Kupakuma
DYNAMIZER AWARDS smoke life / osanporengou sss
Design prize Lupus / Fukuokakoudairobotproject
MISUMI Prize HardLucks / Osaka Electro-Communication University JiyuKoubou HRP
MISUMI Prize Rule the world / Dragon Warrior
MISUMI Prize Bluethunder? / NAKAMU
Technical Prize Speranza / Tateno
KondoKagaku Speranza / Tateno
Futaba prize KOBIS / BISKO

Entry list Sorting by qualification Qualifying result Final tournament

Click here for Competition Rules(English) Click here for Competition Rules(Japanese)

Robot entry registration: August 1 2018 ~August 31 2018
Check My Page for robot entries, messages to competitors, etc.




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Approx. 8-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station on JR Negishi Line through the North Ticket Gates (West Exit)
Approx. 10-minute walk from Sakuragicho Station on Yokohama Blue Line
Approx. 13-minute walk from Hinodecho Station on Keihin Main Line
Approx. 20-minute walk from Minatomirai Station on Minatomirai Line

9-1 Momijigaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi


(Sat., September 22: ROBO-ONE Light and auto will be held.)
Sun., September 23: ROBO-ONE
10: 00 opening
10: 15 ROBO-ONE qualifying 4.5m run
12: 25 ROBO-ONE Final tournament (First round - Best 16)
14: 25 ROBO-ONE Final Tournament (Quarterfinals, Semifinals)
15: 20 ROBO-ONE Final tournament (3rd place, final)
15: 40 ROBO-ONE International Friendly Match
16: 00 Victory Ceremony / Fun Lottery