MISUMI presents 22nd ROBO-ONE Light

Date: February 27 2021

The tournament was over.

Location: Zoom / Twitch ROBO-ONE channel

The Biped Robot Association hold a bipedal walking robot fighting games aiming at improving robot technology and spreading bipedal walking robots.
We received special cooperation from MISUMI Group head office that supports manufacturing, will hold MISUMI presents 38th ROBO-ONE and MISUMI presents 22nd ROBO-ONE Light. This competition will be a remote competition to prevent the spread of Covid 19 infection.

Winning prize : 200,000 yen
Second prize : 100,000 yen
Third place : 50,000 yen
Fourth place 20,000 yen
Remote Award/Technical Award / Design Award : Each prize of 20,000 yen

(Transfer fees will be deducted for overseas remittances.)


Champion Senpumaru2Custom / DrGIY
Runner-up Helios / Tsuno
Fourth-place Kim Geun Hyeong Light / RobotPlay
Design prize ? / osaka college of technology
Technical Prize Senpumaru2Custom / DrGIY
Remote prize  /
 Helios / Tsuno
DYNAMIZER AWARDS ? / osaka college of technology

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Robot entry registration: January 7 2021 ~February 6 2021
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February 27 (Sat) 22nd ROBO-ONE Light Preliminary / Final Tournament
10:00 opening
10:15 ROBO-ONE Light Preliminary Floor Exercise
11:45-Break- (40 minutes)
12:25 ROBO-ONE Light Final Tournament
14:40-Break- (20 minutes)
15:00 ROBO-ONE Light Quarterfinals / Semifinals
16:20 ROBO-ONE Light 3rd place playoff/final
16:50 Award ceremony, fun lottery
17:20 Tournament end

February 28 (Sun) 38th ROBO-ONE Preliminary / Final Tournament
10:00 opening
10:15 ROBO-ONE Preliminary floor exercise
11:25-Break- (40 minutes)
12:05 ROBO-ONE Final Tournament
14:20-Break- (20 minutes)
14:40 ROBO-ONE quarterfinals/semifinals
16:00 ROBO-ONE 3rd place playoff / final 16:30 Award ceremony, fun lottery
17:00 Tournament end
(18:00 Online social gathering)