Certified referee

Certified referee system

Along with the spread of ROBO - ONE, we will establish a referee system for referee training.
We hold an official referee review board once or twice a year at approved conventions. After a referee course of about one hour, we will conduct a review by practice. Those who passed the examination will be official referee.
Also, a judge based on an official referee will be required even at certified competitions to be held in the future.
As an official recognition referee, we set three ranks of special A class, A class and B class.

· Special Class A: All referees including international matches are possible. It is conditional that you can correspond to athletes in English in the game.
· Grade A: You can take the official tournament referee in Japan.
· Class B: You can do the judgment of the certified tournament and ROBO - ONE Light.

Those who have passed at least one year in each class, experienced referees with more than two certified competitions, experienced referees with more than 20 games in the C ring can take class A or higher.

Special A grade license holder

No.Resident stateCertified referee name

A grade license holder

No.Resident stateCertified referee name
1 Kanagawa Nishimura
2 Kanagawa Yakushizi
3 Tokyo Kiuchi
4 Korea Park Sangbok
5 Taiwan Teng Wei-Chung
6 Osaka Kobayashi
7 Ibaraki Seki
8 Aichi Negishi
9 Kanagawa Shindo
10 Kanagawa Ono

B grade license holder

No.Resident stateCertified referee name
1 Tokyo Kondo
2 Kanagawa Sugiura
3 Chiba Suzuki
4 Tokyo Inoue
5 Tokyo Arai
6 Tokyo Watanabe
7 Ehime Taniguchi
8 Osaka Sasaki
9 Osaka Kondo
10 Kanagawa Okamoto
11 Osaka Yamada
12 Fukuoka Akazyo
13 Fukuoka Obayashi
14 Fukuoka Iwabuchi
15 Fukuoka Kubo
16 Saitama Omata
17 Kanagawa Hanada
18 Osaka Matsuno
19 Gifu Sakashita
21 Chile Rodrigo Andres Quevedo Silva
22 Chile Jorge Ignacio Quevedo Bastías
23 Chile Eduardo Esteban Jeraldo Diaz
24 Osaka Yoshida
25 Osaka Yoshikane
26 Tokyo Minakawa